About Us

For years, planning and booking trips to remote parts of the world has been incredibly complicated.

Travel specialists often spend hours creating proposals, building costings, hand-crafting itineraries, looking after payments and managing post-booking admin for travellers.

We’re working to change all that with Waybird, the platform we’ve built.

We come from the world of travel technology having built a leading online tour operator, Timbuktu, allowing travellers to build their own trips.

In doing so we learnt that the same technology which empowers travellers, can also empower you, the travel specialist, by making it simple and easy to create quotes and streamline the booking process.

Meet the team.
Johnny Prince,
Co-founder & CEO

After a childhood spent in the English countryside, Johnny studied in Cape Town, which is where his love affair with travel began. Previously founding two travel companies, including Timbuktu, Johnny gets most excited about using technology to make planning trips fun and easy. When he’s not glued to his laptop or making a cup of tea, he can usually be found in the latest Western Cape boutique hotel or doing something exciting on safari - just ask him about the time he captured an impala at Marataba…

Ian Petzer,
Co-founder & CTO

Having learnt to computer program whilst at nursery school, Ian now has almost 40 years of experience in tech under his belt. He is devoted to simplifying the process of creating and managing itineraries online, and knows every trick of the trade to make this a reality. Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, Table Mountain and the lure of its many mountain biking trails drew him to Cape Town - and he knows almost as much about cycling as he does about tech. Almost.

Eve Wood-Hill,
Content Manager

Eve escaped a career in London’s corporate world to follow her dream of becoming a safari guide. That dream began in South Africa’s Kruger National Park and since then, she’s spent her days guiding and managing safari camps across Africa in some of the wildest areas of the continent. She’s now come full circle and is back in South Africa, this time in Cape Town, using her immense knowledge and experience to manage all of our product and content. Basically, what Eve says, goes!

Julian Ghinn,

Julian has holidays (he asked us to say travel here, but…) in his blood, having travelled extensively across Europe, Asia and America. His first love is definitely building spreadsheets, but his motorbike and boat come a close second and he is often to be found roaring across the Scottish Highlands or sailing around the Greek Islands. Julian brings a huge amount of knowledge and experience to Waybird, having spent 20+ years working with fast growing companies, including the travel company, Scott Dunn.

Sacha Craig

If you asked us for one phrase to describe Sacha, it would be “adventure junkie.” From a childhood on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya, to holidays diving on the coast and a career that has taken her galloping through the Okavango on horseback and tiger fishing on the Zambezi, nothing is too cool for Sacha. Today, she’s back in Kenya, taking the new Waybirders under her wing and ensuring our users know every last inch of the product and how to make the most of all those secret features.

Gustav Rezelman

Having grown up with the beautiful beaches of Cape Town on his doorstep, Gustav is happiest when he's on a board or in the ocean. After finishing his studies, Gustav swapped his surfboard for a snowboard, working at ski resorts from America to Austria, and tracking down the best coffee in the Northern Hemisphere. Now, Gustav brings that same sense of adventure to his work at Waybird, helping to steer the company towards new and exciting horizons.

Giles Trotter

Giles grew up in the national parks of Zambia, leading safaris from an early age before starting his own mobile safari company. He cut his teeth in the tour operator world at Scott Dunn, one of the most successful luxury specialist tour operators in the UK, creating their worldwide program and generally being indispensable. Beating all of us with his Africa know-how and travel tales, Giles now advises Waybird on the product and technology aspects of the business.